Universal Child Abuse Prevention (UCAP)

It is our agency’s goal, through the Universal Child Abuse Prevention (UCAP) service, to reach and inform everyone on how to reduce the incidents of child abuse and neglect in our communities.
Connections provides services free of charge to families in crisis in an 18 county region in South Central Texas. The agency also provides emergency residential programs located in New Braunfels and Portland for youth who cannot return home safely.
Presentations can be provided to any community organization.  This may be used for classes or in-services on child abuse prevention and information.
Help us help you do your part in preventing child abuse.
One-time presentations can be conducted in our schools to students, their parents and to community members on specific topics to prevent child abuse. For example:  positive parenting, redirecting children’s misbehavior, alternatives to spanking, and babysitter classes.
Weekly classes and workshops are offered through our various office locations to help parents and children improve positive family communication.

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.

Funded by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services