Transitional Living Program

Connections’ Chrysalis Transitional Living Program assists youth ages 16 to 21 in the Connections service area to transition to productive independent living as adults.  It is a residential program which provides assistance in achieving educational goals and obtaining employment while teaching the life skills necessary to live independently.

Admission is voluntary and based upon need.  Those seeking admission into the program should be:

  • Between the ages of 15 and 21. 15 thru 17 year olds should either be emancipated or in the state foster care system.  17 year olds whom are not emanicapted will be considered.
  • Working toward completing a high school diploma, G.E.D., or equivalent vocational program or have already obtained these and enrolling or attending a college or vocational education program.
  • Seeking, obtaining, or continuing employment.
  • Willing to participate in a program focusing on education, vocational training, employment, and volunteer outreach.
  • Capable of acquiring the skills and resources necessary to become economically self-sufficient.
  • Able to live cooperatively and responsibly with other residents in the program.
  • Must have refrained from self-harming or abusive behaviors for at least 60 days prior to admission.
  • Must refrain from chemical dependency or must not have a recent history of chemical dependency, unless the applicant has been in recovery for a minimum of three months and is involved, or willing to immediately become involved, in a program to maintain sobriety.
  • Must not have a history of fire setting or sexual offender incidents.

Application Process – The applicant  must independently request, complete, and return an application.  The Program Coordinator will review the application and set up an interview with the applicant, which may be conducted by telephone if transportation to New Braunfels is unavailable.  After all available information is gathered, a decision will be made.  If it appears that this program is appropriate for the applicant’s needs, then she/he will be admitted into the assessment phase of the program.  If this program does not effectively meet the needs of the applicant, referral information will be provided.

For more information regarding the Connections’ Chrysalis Transitional Living Program, please call (830) 620-0214 or (830) 629-6571, or write us at the address below.


Chrysalis Transitional Living Program
PO Box 311268
New Braunfels, TX 78131-1268