Enhancing Youth Resiliency

Making Healthy Choices & Friendships

Connections provides a variety of school-based and community education and activities to strengthen families, help children develop strong stress management and problem-solving skills, promote healthy and drug-free lifestyles, and prevent such issues as alcohol, tobacco and drug use, bullying, and crime. At Connections, both parents and children can find opportunities for education, cultural awareness, and exposure to new experiences in an alcohol and drug free environment.

Curriculum-Based Education- Connections uses several nationally-recognized, evidenced-based programs.  Positive Action is a curriculum based on the philosophy that we feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions. The series of lessons focus on developing a positive self-concept, making healthy choices for your mind and body, acting responsibly, treating others the way you want to be treated, being honest with yourself, and improving yourself daily. Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG) is a series of lessons that teach essential life skills and offer emotional support to help children and youth. The curriculum addresses topics such as self-concept, anger and other feelings, dreams and goal setting, healthy choices, friends, peer pressure, life challenges, family chemical dependency, and making a public commitment to staying drug free and true to life goals. Lesson content and objectives are essentially the same for all participants but are tailored for age and developmental status. Connections also uses lessons from the curriculum Protecting You Protecting Me when working with younger children to help them understand how brains develop and ways to protect themselves and make healthy decisions.

Other Prevention Education- Connections also gives children and teens a boost in learning to make healthy choices and to manage everyday life stress. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Making Healthy Choices & Friendships
  • Self-Image & Self Improvement
  • Handling Anger
  • Positive Decision Making
  • Positive Problem Solving
  • Excelling in school
  • Information about the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

When a teen or adult has begun using drugs or alcohol, Connections provides substance abuse assessment, supportive counseling, and referrals to other area resources for further help. Connections does not provide substance abuse treatment.

For more information contact a Connections office in your area or call our toll-free information hotline at: (800) 532-8192

Funded by: Texas Department of State Health Services and the federal Department of Health and Human Services