Parenting Help and Support

Sometimes parents need a little help understanding and dealing with the changes that occur during their child’s growth. Parents often wonder: Is my child growing normally? Is there a better way to handle my child’s misbehaviors? How can I get my child to listen and do what I ask?

Connections provides parents with a supportive group environment to gain information about child development, causes of child misbehavior, promoting positive development in children, managing misbehavior and how to implement positive parenting strategies into all aspects of family life. Among peers and professionals,  parents learn they are not alone and can glean new information and helpful tips for understanding and coping with their child’s development and changes, as well as their own frustrations or concerns.

The agency utilizes curriculum-based education with lessons from curriculum such as: STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting), Parenting Wisely, and Strengthening Families. During issues related to divorced or blended families, the agency often uses the lessons from the curriculum Children in the Middle and For Kids’ Sake. Connections also helps facilitate parent education and support groups using the Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ curriculum Parents Helping Parents.